Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ben's birthday and a new school

Ben turned 4 on August 4th. He is an amazing little man. He loves blocks, trucks, trains, and Spider-Man. He is a great big brother to Kennedy (most of the time) and is very independent. He is now completely potty trained (finally) and gets himself all dressed for school. He likes playing "hide and seek" and likes the songs "twinkle, twinkle
Little star" and the popcorn song before bed. 
Ben started his new pre-k class about a month ago and he is already learning a lot. He likes to be the door holder and can write "Ben." 
August was also a sad month for our family because Corey's Pop passed away. I'm so glad Corey's new company was accommodating and allowed him to take time off to go see his family and be at the funeral. He was a great man who was well loved and is very missed.

Birthday photos. Ben got some great gifts from Nanny and Pop.

Summer fun

First day of school 
Playing at the park

Trip to Utah, Kennedy's Birthday and move to TX

The last couple months have been crazy! With a hubby that works in the construction business, things can change pretty quickly. Corey's job in AZ was coming to an end since his company didn't have any new contracts with Intel. So we prepared for the worst (the possibility of him being out or work for a while) and hoped for the best (him finding a new job in the Phoenix valley). We wound up with something in the middle...he was able to secure a new position with a company in Austin, TX. So yay!(happy shouts here) for having a job! But boo(crying here) for having to move. It was very hard (and is still hard) to have to leave our home and start over in a new place. I loved our home in Maricopa and my friends, but doing the best I can to move forward on this new chapter of our lives. Being in a rental in TX is no fun and I could go on and on about how hard it is living in an older, smaller home with no kitchen counter space BUT those are all first world problems, so I won't whine about it too much here. Our new town is very nice and has a lot to offer: farmers market, splash pad, town lake and lots of shopping/restaurants. This is kind of a mass post so forgive me for shoving a ton of photos here but these are the pics I have so far from this summer including our trip to Utah to see my sister's HS graduation and visit the family and
Kennedy's 2nd birthday! Kennedy had to celebrate her bday amidst packing up the moving truck but I think she still had a good day. At 2 years old she is one smart cookie and speaks in full sentences! She loves keys, m&ms, her Binky and blankie, Snowman(Frozen), coloring with markers, and playing with her brother Ben.
Coloring at grandma's house
Family BBQ in the Shepherd's backyard.
Spanish fork splash pad
Packing up
The birthday girl with her gifts!
A new birthday dress
The birthday girl with her daddy
Cupcake time!
Texas house
Ben with our big puppy, Rosie
Splash pad

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a fun Easter weekend. The kids got to do their first egg hunt. They also decorated hard boiled eggs for the frat time. Thy wanted to eat them right afterwards but quickly discovered they don't like eating hard boiled eggs. ;) They had fun checking out their baskets Easter morning. They got new sand toys, crayons and coloring books and some candy. We had a low key Easter Dinner with my brother, Matt, and had cupcakes and cheesecake for dessert. 

Decorating Easter Eggs
Coloring eggs at the egg hunt

They both did a great job at the egg hunt and enjoyed their candy right away!